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My Knitted Stuff


This is a small selection of stuff I have machine knitted - I have a large amount of industrial yarns which I sometimes have to twist or run together to get a colour effect. 

One of the most admired pieces of knitwear is based on an Iris Bishop Jacket and it is kntted in chenille and as such is very heavy but also extremely warm and comfortable, a cosy design for the freezing Breton winters.

To knit I mainly use my electronics as they have motors and Designaknit download capabilities.  I am a lazy so and so and punching cards bores me to tears, not that I should have to as I have an enormous stock gathered up by years of knitting machine collecting.

I will add to this as I go (if the stuff I knit is interesting enough.)

Iris Bishop Design
Iris Bishop Design
Iris Bishop design
Iris Bishop Design
Beret to match
Fairisle Jacket
Iris Bishop Jersey
Iris Bishop Stitch Pattern
Mans Fairisle Jersey in Blue and White
Plain Man's Jersey
Green Acrylic Mix Mans Jersey2
Irish Bishop Jersey
Premature Baby Jacket
Mans Garter Jersey
Blue and white cotton jersey
Grey Sock Wool Socks
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