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Knitmaster 580 and Designaknit 7 Lace

Knitmaster 580 and my tales of woe with Designaknit 7 and the lace option

Knitmaster 580 Electronic Knitting Machine

I needed a refresher course on downloading and knitting via Designaknit 7, I have a Knitmaster PE1 so that makes it relatively easy, uploading is simple though annoying as you can only upload one pattern at a time. Downloading into the PE1 must be the easiest exercise ever, and once in the PE1 you have to save the download on your card. The only thing I have problems with and this applies to all machines is the drawing or in my case copying of lace patterns in Designaknit and then either downloading or knitting them, and it drives me absolutely crazy as I have never been successful once in doing this, I must seriously be missing something.