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Passap E6000

Passap E6000 Lock

Passap E6000 front lock woes

I wanted to test the my latest Passap E6000 knitting machine and work with Designaknit 7 and the 4600 motor. It was during this time, I discovered a couple of faults in the front locks of two of my Passap E6000 knitting machines, one had a faulty front motherboard and the other a damaged cable, the short one that connects the rear lock to the front electronic lock. This made me think about how many of us buy a second hand Passap E6000 with the hope they will last forever. This is the very first time I have had a fault with not one but two Passap front carriages- how’s that for luck. Luckily enough, the Passap Console is not too fussy about which front carriage you are using, so you can use an all singing dancing E6000 console with an ancient E6000 front lock. The first of my faulty locks had obviously been caught by the motor when I disconnected the adjoining wire connection to do some manual work with the motor in use, and I also disconnected the curly wire when I am doing this so it is not too stressed, the end result is that the sellotape holding the connection plug must have broken – this resulted in the wire being caught in the lock, end result, the internal wires have been torn from the plug…. not good news.

Damaged Electronic Board

When I tried this carriage initially, I immediately knew there was a problem because when taking it to the start position, the computer kept putting up an error number. I suspected no electronic connection. I suppose one of the advantages of owning multiple machines is that one can test and retest on different machines. The second carriage had a damaged electronic board, I did not pack it carefully enough when transporting it from one destination to another – I know its damaged because it only selects the needles and pushers when returning to the right, when going to the left it does not select at all. Damn,damn and double damn, not one carriage but two. I just wish I could get a hold of an electronic instruction manual to let me know how to dismantle the carriages to get at the boards which incidentally are attached to the cables. I did remove the front lock plastic case but no visible sign of any access to the board. Will not be buying new spares though, they are way too expensive. Funny thing is, I always feared the consul would pack in, it never occurred to me that the front locks were so prone to electronic faults, hence I suppose the increase in demand and price for the Duomatic 80 knitting machines.


I did eventually find the reason for the first problem and that was a pinched wire within the electronic board - it must have been sold thus, to the unfortunate original purchaser - she was an old lady and I wonder if her electronics ever worked as the board did not appear to be accessed at all. All I could do with my limited knowledge of electronics was to gently manipulate the wire and hope that the inner wire was connecting and luckily it was.

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