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Iris Bishop Jacket


Iris Bishop Jacket in Chenille

Last year I decided to try one of the designs by Iris Bishop as her patterns are such a good fit. Ok, so they take some working out but that’s half the fun. My particular favourite is her jersey design from her leaflet for a scallop edge pattern- not only is this design good looking, it's also an easy jersey to wear with anything. I do it in a number of different ways using various fairisle stitch patterns including the original leaf pattern.

First of all knitted one of her jerseys from the Celtic inspirations and its fine comfortable to wear design, I just love her fantastic patterns however as usual I do my own take on what pattern to mix and match.

The project I am now working on is again one of her designs and it’s the jacket pattern from her book Celtic Inspirations. This is a complex pattern but again, I love a challenge – this one took me quite a while to get to the final stages of and I am now about to knit the final piece of the collar and then I only have the two pockets to knit. Despite my yarn stack, I have run out of the second colour and I have to make it up as I go, with similar or indeed totally contrasting yarns, I only hope it turns out well