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Knitting Barn Update

Just a quick update, I have been posting on Facebook outlining my massive move, from the Cotes D'Armor to the Ille-et-Vilaine but still in Brittany.

My private collection of machines needed a new home and co-incidentally so did I with my last place having a tiny house with 8 acres of land, now I have a larger place with only but still too much three quarters of an acre. Unfortunately my darling husband passed away soon after we moved here so I am am on my own trying to sort out this major move but I am getting there - slowly but surely. So in a nutshell, I am still unpacking and trying to manage a garden that has been unattended for about 6 years so it is a hard task and that does not include the repair work on the property.

However despite this, I am still on the hunt for unusual machines and I have been very lucky in the past couple of weeks collecting a few interesting bits and pieces - a 3rd Pingouin TP2 and a second Knittax AM3 plus a very rare Pingouin TP3. I am about to put this machine through its paces and have just finished translating the instruction manual so here's hoping I am successful in getting it going.


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