Bits n'Pieces 2


More gadgets and accessories available for all knitting machine, it would take me hours to photograph all the stuff I have accrued over the last 30 years so I have just highlighted a few bits and pieces.

Do bear in mind that one of the most useful accessories for your knitting machine is a ribber, essentially another bed of needles to knit ribs and sometimes another whole variety of stitch techniques.

Knitradar Rules
Patterns and Rules of Knitmaster Knitting Machine Knit Radar
Knitleader for Brother Machines
Knitleader is a shapes device for Brother Knitting Machines
KM YC6 Colour Changer
Knitmaster Knitting Machine Colour Changer
KA802 Intarsia Carriage
Intarsia Carriage for Brother Knitting Machines
Intarsia Cams
Various Intarsia Cams for Knitting Machines
Toyota 901 lace carriage
Lace Carriage for Toyota 901 Knitting Machine
Bond Sew Easy
Designed for the Bond knitting machine, this gadget supposedly made sewing your garment easier
Singer Lace Carriage
Singer Memomatic Lace Carriage
560 Lace Carriage
The Electronic 560 Lace Carriage for the Knitmaster 560 and 580 Knitting Machines
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