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Passap F200 Knitting Machine

Passap F200 Knitting Machine sometimes badged as a Corona

This is a unique Passap machine in that it is a 4.5 mm standard gauge single bed, The patterning system that was an optional extra and advertised as a Pattern Master. It is an attractive well built machine with heavy stainless steel sinkers which means that it does not require weights. The box which it was packaged in was an eyecatching design, with the machine featuring 2 colours, cream and pink. When I purchased the Passap it was relatively unused, as per most vintage machines, however my storage facilities have not helped to keep it in prime condition and I took it out for another look today. The yarn masts are square as opposed to the popular square posts of most machines. It has a clever tensioning system but I would image though it is excellent, it would have cost a bit to manufacture. I ran the carriage across the needles and it sort of purred, in other words, it shouts out quality.