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Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for feedback re the site and how it loads plus any constructive criticism. I will take everything into account.

Knitting Shed

One user said that I perhaps did not make it clear enough that the museum was a virtual – however after having thought about it for a while, I suppose it is virtual in one sense but actually my machines and stuff are stored here in Brittany in my Knitting Shed.


So in reality they are here and if anyone should like to visit, or perhaps like some tuition or try out various machines before buying, then let me know – it can be arranged but do remember I live in Brittany not the UK. The one thing I have to make clear though is that I am unable to offer accommodation. Unlike most sensible folk in Brittany, I bought a tiny cottage and a lot of land – so if you have a caravan or camper no problem.

Knitting Shed 2

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