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DesignaKnit 8 - Project 2 - cont.

DesignaKnit 8 – Heraldic Sweater – Finale

Heraldic Jersey Sleeves

Now for the sleeves – this is a very complex design and the sleeves actually span part of the neckline and the cables have to match.

One thing I may have to add is that there is a small cross in the middle of the piece in your garment design – this is to allow you to move the pattern about but beware it can create hassle with the stitch pattern so if you use it proceed carefully especially with multiple stitch patterns on the go within the same piece.

Drafting it in was a serious mind boggler. Very difficult but I did it eventually, the sleeves look massive and they have cables up the arms and a single motif however, I ensured the cables matched the highlighted marks on my machine and off I went – loads of increasing and decreasing plus the added complexity of a mirror image sleeve.