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Golden Fleece Sock Machine

Knitting Socks

The one thing I love is knitting socks, be it on the sock machine or the various flat bed knitting machines, they are quick to knit, great subjects to teach folk how to short row, and at the end of the lesson, they have something to take away.

The Golden Fleece sock machine

This is an old well-used machine however it does work and has two cylinders with accompanying ribber plates - a 60 and an 80 needle. I have the original instruction manual. Thanks to the Youtube’s videos on the subject, sock knitting machines have come into vogue again – although this has lead to price increase for the machines,- on the bright side, needles are now being manufactured for the more common machine and mine is in, there though the needles are not cheap at around 50 dollars for 100 and the ribber ones even more expensive. The needles on my machine are constantly damaged by the wool carrier that catches the latches, so spare and good quality needles are crucial to the operation of this machine.