Knitting Machine Museum

The Passap/Pfaff E6000

The Passap E6000 has to be my favourite machine of all, it is the ideal knitting machine, not only does it offer a mighty selection of inbuilt patterns, you can input by mylar sheet, or via a special cable with Designaknit, and you can use the wonderful inbuilt form computer, and this eliminates the requirement to use certain yarns for certain patterns, but easily.  I could go on but it would require a book to specify the wonderful knits that can be created on this very special and may I say semi- industrial
machine.  I have knitted many garments on this machine and it has the added bonus of a motor which I find a necessity as it knitting some of the patterns can take you into over a 1000 rows especially if its double jacquard with perhaps 4 colours, the many features that machine offers keep me happy for hours, and the gadgets and extras such as the  4 colour changer  (the fully automatic autocolour is latest model), the various rib transfer carriages, from the my favourite U70 upward, the Tricofit device to aid casting off, the Picto intarsia carriage,  are expensive but nowadays when buying these machines (no longer produced) second hand, normally have most if not all  of these included, so thats an added bonus.  Re the motors, well there are many on the market, some semi industrial, and some less so.  Like all knitting machine motors, they do take some getting used to but once you learn to operate them the sky's the limit.