Knitting Machine Museum

Passap 201

The Passap 201 (has 201 needles) is Swiss made stove enamelled green with white bakelite - a quality machine once upon a time but on my first one the carriage had not stood the test of time and had a couple of broken cams under - however, it has an unusual feature of a parts box built beautifully into the end of the machine  - I m sorry this one does not work as most of it is in good condition especially the needles and bed - this machine has 201 needles and because there is no yarn carrier you were able to knit 2 bits of knitting at once - note a bigger form of the well known Passap edge springs ie a set of four were included with this machine - there seem to be quite a few out there and I would love to get my hands on another but buyer beware and check it knits before purchasing. Update, its either feast or famine with machines, I now have another 2 of these machines and they are all in good condition, the cams in the carriage are definitely not too strong, but with the other machines came spare ones so all three are now complete.  Loads of books with this machine.  Oddly enough, the latest model did not have the inbuilt spares box.  Proves later is not always best quality.