Knitting Machine Museum

Knitmasters 321, 323, 324 & 260

The 321 was the first punchcard released by Knitmaster after the 302 card machine and I should know cause it was my second brand new machine and I knitted loads on it - the range of machines I have are in good nick but as usual the colours is are mainly ghastly nicotine yellow - plenty of tools and they look well used but how much - who can tell - the 321 was the beginning of the Knitmaster 32 ranges -  The 323 and 324 models started to offer the single patterning facility with motif cams and yarn separators.  I assume the later 260 was the predecessor of the popular Zippy standard gauge machine. There was a 360 and the main difference was that it had an integral knit radar.   I have just recently found out that the plastic in the old machines was affected by a fireproofing addition that turned it yellow especially when it was exposed to sunlight.