Knitting Machine Museum

Knitmaster Accessories

A broad selection of add-ons, once again I have not highlighted ribbers, as there are so many, the latest Knitmaster ribber has a facility to knit double jacquard and the other extra with Knitmaster ribbers are their handy pile carriages.  They have in my opinion the best rib transfer carriage of the standard gauge machines.  The lace carriages on the Knitmasters (fashion lace or multiple transfer lace excepted) are knit and transfer carriages, but to do fashion lace one has to take the yarn out and I find this is a slow task.  The electronic Knitmaster PE1 device is also a good and necessary if you are going to use Designaknit with the Knitmaster Electronic range, although the new Silver Reed machines do not require this disk drive as they have separate pattern controllers (at extra cost of course) - the downfall of the later machines was that everything to do with patterning came as an extra but they sold this by marketing them as a once only buy for all models.  The other accessory worth a mention is the automatic weaving arm, this does save time, should weaving be your thing.  One other accessory I do like with Knitmaster is the knit radar, easy to understand and operate,  like most of their ilk they offer the chance to use different yarns once a tension square has been made with the assistance of my favourite handy knitmaster accessories, the blue and green rules.