Knitting Machine Museum

Brother 940 Electronic

The Brother 940 Electronic is one of my favourite machines, very similar to the Brother 930 and the 2nd electronic machine purchased.  (The first being the Pfaff E6000).  I bought this machine because because I wanted something completely different from the Pfaff.   It is a really light to operate machine, with an unusual pushbutton pattern entry system in addition to the built in patterns.  If you just want to get on and knit something in a hurry, then this is the machine for you. If you have a cable from Designaknit it not only uploads and downloads patterns, it also knits from screen, and if your computer has speech software then it verbally instructs you whilst you knit - this coupled with a motor - what bliss.  I have the Brother 930 electronic bought to use with my KG95 garter carriage, the garter carriages work better without the ribber attached so this saved me having to dismantle the ribber and motor prior to using.