Knitting Machine Museum

Brother Convertible KX 390

This Brother Convertible KX390 was bought for £10 because of its curiosity value, it has an interchangeable two bed facility ie 9 mm  and a 4.5 mm pitch but the amount of needles goes down ie 220 for 4,5  and only 110 for 9 mm - still not too bad a price - my original had rusted needles due to bad storage and I was able to buy this one at a tenner what more can I say - it looks brand new,  The ex owner was bemused that I would travel so far to pick it up - aye those non sympathetic guys - he was a great character though - at least I now have a good version of this cracking wee machine.  I have now tried out this machine and its ideal for knitting double knit and produces a feel like hand knitting,  it even has the comparable knitting needles sizes on the side of the machine so you can convert your hand knitting patterns and unlike the Bond includes a yarn tension stand.